To diagnose the source of the leak regardless if it’s plumbing related or not, we must open the ceiling or wall in the stained or leaking area….. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that it may not be in the exact location of where the leak is coming from, this is due to the nature of how water can travel (in some cases more than one cut* may need to be made, or if possible we maybe able to use a special scope called a borescope to limit hole size to find the leak).

Choosing not to have your ceiling opened will cause us to guess on the cause. And an educated guess is just that…. a guess! - The source of the leak maybe something else, or coming from somewhere else other than where the stain or leak is showing up.

So our recommendation is to open the ceiling and/or wall up at the time of our “first” visit so you’re charged only once. This way we don’t have to come back again if our first diagnosis/guess was incorrect. But rest assure EYP will make the professional plumbing repairs as needed, and if it's not a plumbing leak in most cases we can diagnose what the leak is from.    

Please note that a leak or stained ceiling if not addressed can cause mold and bacterial growth to form (test kits).

*Ed Young’s Plumbing like most plumbers does not make ceiling, wall or tile repairs, we stick to what we do best, that's the plumbing part of the job.



For Your Understanding. 

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