Ed Young's installs all types of toilets, including pressure flush models, and if what you want is not in stock we can order it. Feel free to search this site and/or visit our newly remodeled store for what we have on display at 5641 Main St. Wmsvl., N.Y. 14221.

Most Popular Toilets EYP installs.....

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EYP #1 choice  Gerber Avalanche Elite   line with ADA like height bowls 

(Cosmetically concealed trap, easier to clean)

Avalanche round bowl $319.98 - incl. tank #AL-28-890 & bowl #AB-21-852

Avalanche elongated bowl $419.98 - incl. tank #AL-28-890 & bowl #AB-21-828

EYP prefers to stock the 1.6 gpf ELITE MODELS - :)

Gerber Toilets web site link


Gerber Ultra Flush Toilets - select bowl type

 (pressure assisted | 10 yrs. on tank vessel )

Round bowl #21302
Elongated bowl #21312
Elongated 17" chair height bowl #21318
TANK ONLY: 28-380

Ultra-Flush replacement cartridge



Gerber Viper Toilets - select bowl type

Round bowl #21502
Elongated bowl #21512

Elongated 17" high bowl 21518



Delta Brand Toilets

Combo "tank and bowl" (priced together)
Round bowl #176-139
Elongated bowl #176-140



Kohler Cimarron (comfort height® - 16" high bowl)
Round Bowl with tank #K388800



 Wolverine Brass toilets  our site (perfect height bowls - ADA)
WB sales link site

A popular type of toilet being used of late is the higher bowl, known as.....

"chair/perfect height" -or- Kohler's "comfort height®"

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Our plumbers most often use these toilet seats:
Easy Clean round bowl plastic seat #34220 
Easy Clean elongated bowl plastic seat #44813
Slow Close round bowl plastic seat #252.329
Slow Close elongated bowl plastic seat #252328
Centoco #700 series - Heavy plastic coated wood seats....
Round bowl seat #76271
Elongated bowl seat #76278 

Round bowl Bidet seats
Elongated bowl Bidet seats

More assorted toilet seats in stock.......CLICK HERE

Toilet tanks sweat and condensate on the floor,
have EYP install a ..... 
anti sweat valve (mixes hot & cold water so tank water is warm & won't sweat)

 Search our True Value site for  "toilets"

Site search "toilet flanges"

Kohler brand toilets/ full site

Gerber China / full site   

Site search: urinals

Saniflow web page link
Want to add a bathroom?   pumping system by Saniflow EYP site
(add a toilet, lav sink, and shower)
Sewage crock/pumping system 

Sizzle - Lime and scale remover  (increase your toilets flushing power)
Safety Data Sheet on SIZZLE

 To measure for a new toilet.....
 measure from finished wall behind toilet to first set of bolts on floor
 (sometimes there are 4 bolts) - most often this will be the standard 12" rough ( 12" + 1" space from wall)
 also could be a 10" or 14" rough which is less popular

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