Ed Young's installs all types of toilets, including pressure flush models, and if what you want is not in stock we can order it. Feel free to search this site and/or visit our newly remodeled store for what we have on display at 5641 Main St. Wmsvl., N.Y. 14221.

Most Popular Toilets EYP installs.....
(click links below)
Gerber Ultra Flush Toilets (pressure assisted | 10 yrs. on tank vessel )

Tank only #49025 | select bowl type below (add bowl to tank price)
Round bowl #52791
Elongated bowl #49032
Elongated 17" chair height bowl #49039

Gerber Viper Toilets

Tank only #99607 select bowl type below (add bowl to tank price)
Round bowl #99621
Elongated bowl #26585
Elongated 17" high bowl #13094

Special 10" rough Gerber Viper white tank only

Kohler Cimarron (comfort heightŪ - 16" high bowl)

Tank only #32253select bowl type below (add bowl to tank price)
Round bowl #32267
Elongated bowl #39628

Delta Brand Toilets

Combo "tank and bowl" (priced together)
Round bowl #176-139
Elongated bowl #176-140

Large assortment of toilet seats in stock.......CLICK HERE

Our plumbers most often use these toilet seats:
Easy Clean round bowl plastic seat #34220 
Easy Clean elongated bowl plastic seat #44813
Slow Close round bowl plastic seat #141412
Slow Close elongated bowl plastic seat #141388

Related info / links:

A popular type of toilet being used of late is the higher bowl, known as "chair height" -or- Kohler's "comfort heightŪ"

Toilet tanks sweat and condensate on the floor,
have EYP install a ..... 
anti sweat valve (mixes hot & cold water so tank water is warm & won't sweat)

 Search our True Value site for  "toilets"

Site search "toilet flanges"

Kohler brand toilets/ full site

Gerber brand toilets/ full site   

Site search: urinals

Want to add a bathroom?   pumping system by Saniflow
(add a toilet, lav sink, and shower)
Sewage crock/pumping system 

Sizzle - Lime and scale remover  (increase your toilets flushing power)
Safety Data Sheet on SIZZLE

 To measure for a new toilet.....
 measure from finished wall behind toilet to first set of bolts on floor
 (sometimes there are 4 bolts) - most often this will be the standard 12" rough ( 12" + 1" space from wall)
 also could be a 10" or 14" rough which is less popular

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