ED YOUNG'S  PLUMBING  offers all types of back-hoe services including.....
*Replacement of sanitary sewers | waste lines to main city sewer | for inside toilets waste etc.
*Replacements of storm sewer lines | downspouts, sump pump lines.
*Replacement of main water service lines  |  K-copper coil
*Install gas lines underground | pool heaters, grills etc...
*We also repair just about all plumbing underground, not just new.

*The equipment we use is state-of-the-art cutting edge - able to even 
  excavate without trenching. Leaving the job like we weren't even there.

See some pictures below....

Sanitary sewers and water line repair (1st 2 pic's)
Storm line system (next 2 pic's)
(next 2 larger pic's) - small sample of trench-less under cement slabs
including a storm bubbler line, to finished grade -
(note bubbler right at curb)

Last 2 pic's - simply cool because a ladder was needed! 
(both residential sanitary sewers

                 "No job too small, or too BIG"




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Ed Young's True Value is a family owned business located in Williamsville New York, a small community outside of Buffalo. Our store is open most days from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm and offers many services to our neighbors.

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