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 ~ Water Heaters Installed ~         

  We stock -  State Reliance & A.O. Smith brand water heaters (see below links) 

 ~ Bradford White brand per request - plumber/contractor installed ONLY - NOT sold in retail stores

Bradford White: our site search

Bradford White's web site 

SORRY! ~ but ALL water heaters by April 2015 are being upgraded to new energy standards (across the country) - manufactures cannot produce old models after 4/15/15 - THIS WILL CHANGE TANK PRICES BY MORE THAN 15%, -  IT WILL ALSO AFFECT LABOR CHARGES DUE TO SIZE CHANGES ETC... ~ Companies can still sell out of old inventory. - Click link =>  water heater changes 

 THE BEST WAY TO PURCHASE A NEW WATER HEATER;   Start by simply comparing "features" against what you already have, then either get one like it, or look to upgrade your present tank, what ever you choose -  EYP can sell you the basic to the higher end tankless/on demand type.

Click here for PRINTABLE comparing features help sheet 

Click here  to view our stocked water heaters (Tank prices & LABOR installation pricing) 

Click here for water heater maintainence on the new style water heaters with flammable vapor ignition resistant technology

Click here  for installations by Ed Young's Plumbing


 Water Heater warranty verification (multiple brands)

 Technical Bulletins  from our friends at A.O. Smith water heaters

We do Not install in-direct water heaters (uses your hot water boiler system to heat water)

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Thermostatic mixing valve by Honeywell | sku #36497

Watts brand -  water heater circulator pump system

Relief valves, controls etc.

Water pressure gauge

Expansion tanks - smaller size | larger size

Full house water pressure reducing valves and meter valves 

Magnesium-anode-rod -  Regarding: WATER SOFTENERS

Water heater drain pans

 ISE hot water dispensers ~

1/3 gallon model Hot 1
2/3 gallon model Invite contour-SS


   Yes!  we also install tankless/on demand water heaters - we can provide a FREE estimate

A.O. Smith tankless 2 models (most commonly used) -  sku #72475 sm. |  sku #64691 lg.  |  #31977 isolator valve  |  #584373 condensate pump  

#1 choice...Navien brand tankless heaters    sku #71364   |    sku #56006       |  sku #89501 Descaler                                 

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CLICK BELOW - energy star - or - national fuel 

for any possible rebates or tax credits....


www.NationalFuel for 

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