Ed Young's Plumbing Co. can confirm any problems using a video camera to check issues in large (outdoor) or smaller (inside) drain lines, and we use the strongest machines when it comes to sewer snaking equipment, our cables are 1-1/4" in diameter, and are hand fed into the machine. This machine provides the most torque possible, without it most cables will get jammed and/or bound up on roots or other obstructions in your sewer. Next time you see someone snaking a sewer you may notice a machine that the cables come off a drum already coiled as part of the machine – these are simply weaker machines (like you can rent) with much smaller diameter cables that just can’t produce the same cutting head torque as a better machine will. Ed Young’s takes pride in getting sewers open and running when others can’t, for which we credit our trained plumbers and the equipment we use. You can be certain if you’re blocked up anywhere in the house or outside, we have the right equipment to get the job done right.

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 Sewer & drain cleaning:

Did you know?

That rooting, or snaking of your large outside sanitary sewer, and storm drainage lines is a regular maintenance type job?  Most people don’t think of it that way, but let us explain for a moment why this is –

Your “sanitary sewer” is the line that receives all waste water from inside your house and carries that out to the main city sanitary sewer (normally located in the street area).This includes kitchen drains, laundry tub drain, all toilets, lavatory sinks, bathtubs etc.    

The main purpose to maintain this most important line by occasionally snaking it is, to clean the line of tree roots and anything that can build up over time (just like inside smaller drains). Snaking also allows us to check the sewer line (exploratory like) for any serious problems, with this normal  maintenance, costly repairs can most often be avoided.

Your “storm sewer” lines are the ones that receive all water from your house roof (from gutters & downspouts), sump pump line, garage drain, and in some cases pool backwash lines and even back yard drainage. Just like we explained above, regarding regular maintenance of sanitary sewer lines, it is equally important for your storm system.

 If roots are allowed to get too large in these lines the best and strongest equipment (like we use) may not be able to cut them out, causing the need now to be a much larger job, which includes excavating the area to make necessary repairs, or replacement of these lines.

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Regarding Ed Young's Plumbing  FLAT RATE PRICING SYSTEM 

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Green Gobbler, 32 OZ, Fruit Fly Goodbye Fruit & Drain Fly Repellent, Repels Drain Flies & Fruit Flies, Clings To Pipe &Drain Walls To Suppress Infestations, Uses Citronella As Natural Fly Repellent Found In Lemongrass, Thick Clinging Gel,Safe On Drains & Pipes, Non Toxic, Bio-Degradable.

Drain Care by Zep, only drain product we really recommend | not a drain clog opener, but pipe wall cleaner.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Zep Commercial Build-Up Remover liquid provides 64 ounces of prevention for clogs in sinks, toilets & showers. The enzyme-based formula breaks down years of drain-clogging build-up to prevent clogs before they happen. Concentrated liquid opens slow drains, Prevents clogs by cleaning and removing build-up, Use monthly to maintain your homes pipes. Certified, biodegradable formula, breaks down into CO2, minerals & water. Safe for pipes and septic systems.


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